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462-901-engrave1sidenon14k Engraving on one side only of a sterling or non 14k gold item $ 21.00 Buy Engraving on one side only of a sterling or non 14k gold itemCart
462-901-engrave1side14k Engraving on one side only of a 14k gold item $ 34.00 Buy Engraving on one side only of a 14k gold itemCart

We at Broderick are picky about our engraving. If we don't like how it is going to look we will contact you by email or telephone with suggestions before engraving. When we do engrave we take extra time making it look as perfect as can be expected.

Note: All of the engraving examples below on this page we engraved prior to 2008. Since I have not taken pictures; and our engravings are nicer so much so I have been signing the receipt with Engraved by John Broderick.

Now I rarely use slant font which is a basic outline of the letter. Our engraving machine engraves more detail in each letter when using Heavy Block We prefer engraving names in heavy block and Love etc in cursive font. Using two fonts on the same item looks gorgeous.

Two or more capital letters together look better in Heavy Block. Fancy fonts are hard to read for capitals together. Names look wonderful in Heavy Block with the first letter capitalized and the rest in small.

Cursive is beautiful for endearing words. It is best to keep the number of words small so the font size can be large.

On medals, most put a name at the top, love at the bottom, and if space allows words inbetween. Example: John (Heavy Block), Stay Safe (Slant), and Love Amy (Cursive).

To keep medals from being lost I recommend putting First and Last name at the top or better yet: First Middle and Last name at the top.

Fewer words are best. Excessive words result in small font size. Redundant references such as using the word love twice I like to avoid. Using To or From should also be avoided providing more space for making the engraving visually attractive.

Thanks much, John Broderick
Slant Font  

Slant is the font we like and use the most. With slant we can
engrave more words yet keeping each word as large as possible. Slant allows us to space the engraving for the best appearance.

There are exceptions such as using all capitals in slant for initials or a word may look better in heavy block or old english with the rest of the engraving in slant, cursive, or both.
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